We had this tool to enjoy our play and enchant our campaign settings and we wanted to share!


To upload it on a server that works fine, we had to pay for a fast dedicated server. That was the reason we made a Membership section (Subscribers).

The Membership section forced us to create a company running.

If you like our work and you would like us to keep on going, upgrading and updating this tool, feel free to subscribe.

We wish you to have fun and a joyful time into W.O.A.L.M.


Thank you all for your support.

Read this before subscribe


We are currently dealing some problems with Hotmail mailing service not being able to receive the automatic mails from our system. If you use Hotmail for Paypal there is a chance to not receive the system mail with your account information. In that case please sent us an email, from the mail address you used for registration -using our contact form (at the bottom of the page)- and one of our staff will sent you your account information manually.

If you use another mail service (ie gmail) and you didn't receive our mail please check your spam/junk folder.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience and any delay you may encounter in registration because of this. Our staff is currently working to fix this as soon as possible.


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