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Expand Your World

You are playing a tabletop Role Play Game and you need to be ready for any situation without losing the feeling of the game.

Imagine what it could happen if you instantly have access to all the necessary information when your players role play.

W.O.A.L.M. secures the smoothness of your narration while the players decide their fate…

Would you like to be certain about the terrain the players move? Do you wish a complete "image of the world" with an easy view?

Enter into W.O.A.L.M.


Some of the features included are:


Find more than...  




Npc Names




Points Of Interest



...and many more!  

Tutorial (Main Toolbox)

Tutorial (Search Tool)

Wish for more?


W.O.A.L.M. contains hundreds of information in the form of layers giving you a whole new perceptive for the world in ways you couldn't even imagine.

Within you can find.

  • Sea Layer
  • Bays Layer
  • Sea Creatures Layer
  • Forest Layer
  • Trees Layer
  • Bushes Layer
  • Plants Layer
  • Herbs Layer
  • Wild Animals Layer
  • Birds Layer
  • Insects Layer
  • Caves Layer
  • Mining goods Layer
  • Precious Stones Layer
  • Mountain Names Layer
  • Lakes Layer
  • Rivers Layer
  • Fields Layer
  • Monuments Layer
  • Castles Layer
  • Bridges Layer

The last and most important layer, the Cities,  contains layers of information for:

  • Building Appearance
  • Building Owners
  • Market Places 
  • Inns And Taverns
  • Warehouses
  • Libraries
  • Barracks
  • Docks
  • Castle Walls 
  • Royal and Knight Buildings
  • Prisons
  • Districts
  • Organizations
  • Churches

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